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Zeboyd One dark night, Great Cthulhu awoke from his ancient slumber and decided to destroy the world. Nothing personal, that's just how he rolls.

Unfortunately for him, a mysterious sorcerer intervened at the last minute and locked away the majority of his Eldritch Power. Now the only way for Cthulhu to regain his lost might is to become a true hero. So he must save the world ... before he can destroy it. The irony is not lost on him.

Now the indie classic from Zeboyd Games has come to the mobile platform and Cthulhu's great quest of semi-redemption is yours to complete. Only a fool would ignore the celestial portents of this opportunity. Dance to the ill pipings of the thrice-damned Shoggoths, mortal worms! And would it kill you to smile?
Key Features
Download Cthulu Saves the World
Features 6-10 hour main quest with 4 unlockable game modes for extended replay!
Features 11 stalwart and slightly cracked characters to add to your party!
Features 144 elder-bolical enemies to confront and defeat!
Features 22 locales to explore drawn (mostly) from classic Lovecraftian fiction!
Features 5 Great Old Ones to battleŚ6 if you include the Ape Princess from that one story!
Features BONUS: Creeping Insanity and a Forbidding Sense of Doom!
Screen Shots
Cthulu Saves the WorldCthulu Saves the World
Cthulu Saves the WorldCthulu Saves the World

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